Are you pregnant yet?

Trigger warning: Miscarriage, pregnancy loss, TTC A while back, I shared our fertility journey. My aim was to normalize discussions about taboo topics, with miscarriages and pregnancy loss being among them. If you haven’t read my previous blog post and would like to, you can find it [here]. I’ve embarked on numerous new projects and […]

Picky eater? No thank you

As a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in feeding and a toddler mom, I constantly navigate the delicate realm of language regarding children and their eating habits. One phrase that often grates on me is “picky eater.” It’s a term that carries a negative connotation, potentially fostering an unhealthy perception of children’s food preferences. In my […]

There should be two.

Trigger warning: Miscarriage, pregnancy loss, TTC As a birth worker and health provider, I embrace the privilege of discussing taboo topics, offering solace to those who may feel isolated. Today, I share my first blog post, stepping away from the familiar realms of pediatric and maternal Occupational Therapy. Because you see, Occupational Therapy is a […]

Hi there

Hello friends, I’m Dr. Monica, Occupational therapist, entrepreneur, wife, and most importantly, mother to toddler Scout. Following the birth of my beautiful daughter, I decided I was brave enough to venture into the world of private practice. It was scary, but it has been such an incredible gift and privilege to offer Occupational therapy services […]