Pediatric OT

Adira Occupational Therapy specializes in pediatric feeding, tethered oral tissues, and oral motor skills, all while prioritizing a breath and airway-focused approach.

Our evidence-based support for pediatric feeding includes a comprehensive “whole person approach” to assessment and interventions. We offer:

  • A compassionate, holistic approach that supports the baby and caregiver dyad in
    breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and transitioning to solids.
  • Comprehensive support for the whole child, promoting healthy eating habits, addressing
    selective eating, managing severe picking eating, facilitating progression to diverse
    textures, and managing food refusal behaviors.
  • Interventions for pediatric feeding may address developmental, sensory, postural,
    neurobehavioral, and oral motor skills to achieve successful and functional motor
  • Interventions and care plans are designed to support family priorities and a positive
    feeding experience, helping your child develop the sensory motor skills required for safe, effective, and pleasurable eating.

Our experience has been that offering this service in the home setting is ideal to ensure success for families and caretakers to be in their natural environment and actively participate in the

Are you concerned with your infant or child’s sleep habits or their sleep quality?
At Adira Occupational Therapy, we understand the intricate relationship between oral motor development, feeding and sleep in children. Our approach integrates oral motor sensory and myofunctional techniques, recognizing how proper feeding habits and optimal oral resting posture can positively impact sleep quality and overall well-being. By addressing feeding challenges comprehensively, we aim to support not only healthy eating habits but also promote optimal sleep patterns for your child’s holistic development.

The personalized and family-centered approach aims to improve function and skills through restoration, compensation, and adaptation.

Do you wonder is your child’s development is on track?

Are you concerned that although your child does not qualify for early
intervention or school funded services, they still need outside support?

Do you want guidance to improve skills sets for first time attendees at preschool
or kindergarten?

Dr. Monica also provides pediatric occupational therapy services to support these and other challenges so that children can:

  • Achieve developmental milestones such as rolling over, sitting and cruising
  • String beads, do puzzles, and play pretend
  • Eat and dress independently
  • Participate in circle time
  • Play sports
  • Regulate their behavior and minimize tantrums
  • Communicate with friends
  • Write and do homework

The personalized and family-centered approach aims to improve function and skills through restoration, compensation, and adaptation. Occupational therapy sessions occur within the context of play and instruction, which is tailored to the little’s age and interests. The frequency and duration of therapy depends on the needs of your child and family. Very often I offer short term intervention with periodic check ins on an as needed basis.