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How it Works

Adira Occupational Therapy offers personalized and evidence-based services to help our clients achieve safe and efficient day-to-day living. Our focus is on maximizing functional outcomes through patient and family-driven care. Adira Occupational Therapy specializes in pediatric feeding, maternal health, and neurorehabilitation.

Occupational therapy sessions occur within the context of play and instruction, which is tailored to the little’s age and interests. The frequency and duration of therapy depends on the needs of your child and family. Very often I offer short-term intervention with periodic check-ins on an as-needed basis.

Comprehensive Evaluation
Our initial 60 to 75-minute session includes an interview, assessment, and clinical observation to obtain a well-rounded Occupational profile to guide a holistic practice. With the evaluation findings, I will create a comprehensive report, and together with your family, we will create a care plan to guide our future treatment sessions, including the frequency of treatment sessions.

Treatment Session
50-minute intervention sessions to support the area of need, with an ever-evolving treatment to ensure we meet your family’s goals and to aid in the just right challenge for skill development.