Hi there

Hello friends, I’m Dr. Monica, Occupational therapist, entrepreneur, wife, and most importantly, mother to toddler Scout. Following the birth of my beautiful daughter, I decided I was brave enough to venture into the world of private practice. It was scary, but it has been such an incredible gift and privilege to offer Occupational therapy services in a way not dictated by the healthcare bureaucracy. I founded Adira Occupational Therapy, Dr. Mama OT, and Adira Ergonomics Safety and Workplace Rehab. Supporting my community, mothers, and babies and providing family-centered care is a true privilege.

I am passionate about all things child rearing and development. However, feeding hits home, and I feel extra inclined to support that delicate occupation. If I can help a family overcome feeding challenges, it makes me feel good; I can’t find another descriptor now. If I can help decrease a postpartum mama’s nursing/feeding anxiety, that’s when I feel whole and know I’m doing what I’ve meant to do.

I struggled with offering food to my daughter and baby-led weaning due to the immense postpartum anxiety I struggled with. I had intense intrusive thoughts surrounding feeding, the irony, being an Occupational therapist who loves to address feeding. I just lived in so much fear and could not introduce solids unless my husband was home. I’ll never forget the first time I served Scout steak without Aaron. When Scout and I completed our meal, I had to take a moment, and I just cried because I did it.

Anyways, here we are; I have a thriving two (and change) year-old. I primarily see infants and young children for feeding and supporting their families; what a gift! I want to share my education and lived experiences with this community and create a fun and helpful platform for us to have meaningful conversations about feeding, child rearing, motherhood, friendship, and life; I AM HERE FOR IT ALL.

Let me know if there is anything specific you want to hear about down below; I’ll do my best.


Dr. Monica